Dr. Samuel Lucas McMillan, Assistant Professor of Political Science



Dr. McMillan has presented his research at meetings of the American Political Science Association (APSA), International Studies Association (ISA), International Studies Association - Southern Region, South Carolina Political Science Association (SCPSA), and Southern Political Science Association (SPSA). Full information about these papers can be found on his CV.

The information below lists all publications.


McMillan, Samuel Lucas. 2012. The Involvement of State Governments in U.S. Foreign Relations.  New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.  [link to book website]  [link to Amazon.com website]
   ISBN: 978-0-230-11325-1
   282 pages

Peer-Reviewed Articles

McMillan, Samuel Lucas. 2014. “Bravo for Brevity: Using Short Paper Assignments in International Relations Classes.” International Studies Perspectives. Forthcoming. [link to full-text article]
     Note: The early view of this article was available on May 6, 2013, but it will not appear in print until 2014.

McMillan, Samuel Lucas. 2009. “Looking Beyond the National Level: Foreign Direct Investment Attraction in U.S. States.” International Interactions. Vol. 35, Issue 2. 155-178.   [link to full-text article]
   DOI: 10.1080/03050620902864337

    Data Sources: [MS Word file] Data: [MS Excel file]


McMillan, Samuel Lucas. 2008. “Subnational Foreign Policy Actors: How and Why Governors Participate in U.S. Foreign Policy.” Foreign Policy Analysis. Vol. 4, Issue 3. 227-253.   [link to full-text article] [publisher's link]
   DOI: 10.1111/j.1743-8594.2008.00068.x


Book Review

McMillan, Samuel Lucas. 2012. Review of Perspectives on International Relations: Power, Institutions and Ideas by Henry R. Nau.  Journal of Political Science Education.  Vol. 8, Issue 3. 303-304.  [link to full-text article]
   DOI: 10.1080/15512169.2012.695973

Published Working Papers

McMillan, Samuel Lucas. 2006. “U.S. States in U.S.-EU Relations: Transatlantic Communities in an Age of Multi-Level Governance.” PAIS Graduate Working Papers. No. 01/06. Critical International and Political Studies, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick. September. [PDF file of paper]

Policy-Oriented Pieces and Op-Ed Essays

McMillan, Samuel Lucas. 2013. "America's Governors Matter for U.S.-Asia Relations." The Diplomat. June 26.
   [link to full-text article]

McMillan, Lucas. 2012. "Improve political rhetoric at home." The Greenville News (Greenville, SC), Aug. 18. 10A.
   Reprinted under the same title in the Index-Journal (Greenwood, SC), Aug. 31, 2012. 8A.

McMillan, Lucas. 2011. "Governors must sell S.C. abroad." The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC), Sept. 14. 10A.

McMillan, Lucas. 2009. “Spending on foreign investment, education pays off.” The State (Columbia, SC), Jan. 15. A9.


McMillan, Lucas. 2008. “Next president needs a bipartisan cabinet.” The Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, GA), Aug. 2. 9A.


McMillan, Lucas, and Phillip Stone. 2007. “McNair helped build state’s global connections.” The State (Columbia, SC), Nov. 20. A9.


McMillan, Lucas. 2007. “International offices help enhance a state’s economy.” The Greenville News (Greenville, SC), May 2. 2B.


McMillan, Lucas. 2006. “Changing war strategy at home and abroad.” The State (Columbia, SC), Dec. 5. A9.


McMillan, Lucas. 2006. “Iraq War: Real solutions, sacrifices need to be shared.” The Sun News (Myrtle Beach, SC), Nov. 28.


McMillan, Lucas. 2003. “Graham’s breaks with White House good for S.C.” The State (Columbia, SC), Oct. 4. A9.


McMillan, Lucas. 2003. “Getting engaged on the international scene.” Marion Star & Mullins Enterprise (Marion, SC), April 7. Reprinted in Southern Seen (weekly online column distributed to over 100 newspapers) April 17.


McMillan, Lucas. 2003. “Mission impossible?” Marion Star & Mullins Enterprise (Marion, SC), Mar. 5.


McMillan, Lucas. 2002. “Global understanding starts with a change in U.S. foreign policy.” Marion Star & Mullins Enterprise (Marion, SC), Dec. 4.


McMillan, Lucas. 2002. “President’s advisers need freedom from testimony.” The State (Columbia, SC), April 6. A11.


Other Publications

McMillan, Lucas, and Alan Green. 2011. "Encouraging Students to Consider Multiple Perspectives: Our Experience with Sharing Lectures." White Board: Newsletter of Lander University's Center for Effective Undergraduate Teaching. Vol. 3, Issue 10 (October). 1. [link to article]

McMillan, Lucas. 2010. "Short Paper Assignments are Valuable for Students and Faculty." White Board: Newsletter of Lander University's Center for Effective Undergraduate Teaching. Vol. 2, Issue 2 (February). 2.  [link to article]

McMillan, Lucas. 2005. “Wofford as Summer Camp” and “The Write Stuff” (with Sarah Ross Cohen) in Wofford: Shining With Untarnished Honor, 1854-2004. Doyle Boggs, JoAnn M. Brasington and Phillip Stone, eds. Spartanburg, SC: Hub City Writers Project. 182-183, 201.


McMillan, Lucas. 2005. “Call for Action on Darfur.” Letter to the Editor. The New York Times. May 7.